Character Creation

A myriad of people and races can be found in the Echo Wood: the River Kingdoms are a melting pot attracting folk from all walks of life. Travellers and settlers come from neighbouring Numeria, Ustalav, and Razmiran, refugees flee from Galt or Brevoy, and crusaders heading to Mendev pass alongside the Echo Wood on their way to the Worldwound.

Below are some things to keep in mind when creating a character for Emerald Spire.

Cavernous Curiosity: Adventure lies below, in one dungeon or another. It is
advantageous for characters to be motivated to continuously delve deeper and and
explore what lurks beneath.

Depths of the Earth: This adventure sends you deep underground, into
forgotten dungeons and Darklands caverns. Classes and archetypes focused onexploration and dungeon delving will have an advantage. Characters primarily focused on
social skills might be less suited to the adventure.

Exploring Ruins: The depths of the Emerald Spire hold many secrets from the
ancient past, making Knowledge (history) and (dungeoneering) desirable skills. Traps and
hazards might prove to be a danger, making Disable Device and Perception
advantageous. Low­light vision or darkvision will also prove useful.

Tight Quarters: Large creatures are a liability in the cramped spaces, and
creatures unable to fly or climb might have difficulty moving between levels in the
dungeon. Classes with animal companions, especially mounts, might consider taking an
archetype that replaces the animal companion.

Character creation will use the following rules

  • 15 point Point Buy

  • All Core, Advanced, and Hybrid classes (except summoner)

  • All Core Races

  • Advanced Races need to be approved before use. Must have a copy of relevant source material

  • Standard starting gold for your class – take the average or risk it and roll for more!

  • Select two character traits – one of which can be from the Emerald Spire Traits List

    Approved Source Books: CRB, APG, ARG, ACG, UM, UC, UC, UE, ISWG

Character Creation

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